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Welcome to Denford Publishing

Denford Publishing is run by the team that created The HAT Magazine, the first international quality trade journal for the global hat industry. Set up in 1999 the magazine reported on brands, factories, raw materials and work processes, and interviewed many of the world’s greatest names within the industry. And then in 2017 we passed the baton of ownership to Elly Stemerdink in the Netherlands.

From the information and reports within the 74 editions written by our team, we plan to publish a series of hat related books. These publications will include the Workroom Techniques, which have been so popular with readers of The HAT Magazine, and a book to present the most innovative designers and their hats, which we featured during our time at the magazine. Future projects planned are books on the commercial production of straw and felt (both wool and fur). If you would like to be notified when these are published, please join our mailing list – see below.

This site is also the new home for back issues of The HAT Magazine and the archive. Back issues of the magazine, going up to number 74 (where still in stock), are available to buy here.

We hope you will enjoy reading the stories about our travels, the people we met and the knowledge gained during our time at The HAT Magazine as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Regular Magazine Articles

News, Views and Events The latest hat world news, keep up to date with what’s happening in the hat trade worldwide

Workroom Technique Step by step guides through a millinery process, from the masters

Designer Sketchbook Bringing you new inspiration and trends

A Conversation with Meet those at the top of their game in the hat world

Travels with my Hat Each year we travel to a country famous for its own hatting expertise, learning the techniques, meeting the designers, the manufacturers, the retailers and the tutors

Trade Fair Reports The hats and the looks for the coming season, in our fashion fair round up, plus previews and calendar

Looking Ahead The colours, fabrics and trims predicted for the year ahead

On The Catwalk A snapshot of the latest headwear on the season’s catwalks

Royal Ascot, The Derby & The Melbourne Cup Coverage of the year’s major horseracing and hat-wearing events

Designer Profiles The Hatter’s Tale, an everyday story of milliners and manufacturers

Retail Experience Great hat shops around the world

End of Term Report Each year we meet the millinery graduates as they leave education to start their millinery careers

Graduate Fashion Week The hottest trends from the graduate shows

The HAT Directory Source those suppliers here in our classified trade directory, an indispensable guide to the hat trade

In fact all there is to know about what’s happening in the Hat world